According to the Bradley County Sheriff's Office, three of the agency's five K9s have been pulled from service because their certifications have come into question.

A judge has not determined whether or not the certifications are valid yet. Sheriff Steve Lawson has pulled the K9s from service as an extra precaution and they're going to re-certify the dogs within the next couple of weeks even if the judge rules that the training certification is valid. 

The dogs got their training under the previous administration. 

According to a spokesperson for the Bradley County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Lawson wants to ensure that the right thing is done. 

Local attorney McCracken Poston has no ties to the Bradley County case but he said this could create some issues for them. 

"So it opens itself to any challenge. There would be a Fourth Amendment challenge as to the fruits of any search," said Poston. 

But he said defense attorneys will typically inquire about the dog's training and certification anyway in regards to a case. 

"It will always be interesting whenever you employ a dog to do police work because sometimes it's all in the interpretation of the handler, by the dog, and perhaps later by a jury," said Poston.

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