KNOXVILLE, TN — The Knoxville Police Department found a large amount of cocaine inside packages left at a West Knoxville business last Thursday.

KPD said the business' management called police to investigate suspicious packages they found. When K-9 officers arrived, their dogs alerted them to the odor of narcotics.

Officers searched the packages, and inside they found 317 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of $4.32 million.

KPD said it does not believe the business was related to the large amount narcotics they found, so it is keeping their identity anonymous.

"We always encourage others to report suspicious behavior or packages to authorities and that’s exactly what the business did in this instance," KPD said. 

Officers said they are currently working with the DEA and the TN Interdiction Plus Taskforce to find out where the packages came from.  

Similarly, 475 pounds of cocaine showed up on the doorstep of a Mount Juliet business last week in the form of suspicious unlabeled packages. KPD has not said if they believe this incident is related to the one in Middle Tennessee.