State Representative Mike Carter announced he is running for house speaker Monday. Carter says he believes he would be the best replacement for Glen Casada.

“I've announced and I'm campaigning every day,” said Carter.

Channel 3 spoke to Carter moments after he spoke to a crowd of fellow Republicans at the Pachyderm Club of Hamilton County. When asked why he's campaigning for speaker of the house, he said the state of Tennessee deserves a break from the past.

“I think we must put the House in a position where we can earn the respect and the trust of the citizens and that's going to take a dramatic effort and I'm up for it and I want to do it,” he said.

Carter has not shied away from sharing his thoughts on current House Speaker, Glen Casada.

“I've called several times for his immediate resignation. My concern is that he will use this period to advance a replacement from his team to continue the past operations of the House,” Carter explained.

Casada announced his resignation last month. His last day is set for August 2. The announcement came after he an investigation found Casada had exchanged sexually charged text messages with his former chief of staff, who admitted to using cocaine while working in the legislature's office building.

“I don't know why it was continued until August 2nd. There was no notice given or no reason or any reason. If there was a good reason then I might have agreed to it. I'm just in the dark so I don't know,” said Carter.

But one thing Carter does know and is confident about is his mission to bring change to the house.

“This bleeding needs to end. We need to put a tourniquet on the patient and begin the repair process,” he said.

A special session, which Casada called for, has not been set. Governor Bill Lee has said he will continue to be in close communication with house leadership and members. A special session is required to elect a new house speaker. So far, at least six people are rumored to be interested in taking on that role.