The Whitfield Sheriff's Office is on the lookout for a vandal after a local baseball league says a prized possession was wrecked.

The Whitfield Miracle Field is a barrier-free ballpark for people with special needs. But over the weekend, the community of players and families was heartbroken to see that someone had caused major dents and cracks in a large painted baseball.

Whitfield County Parks and Recreation Director Brian Chastain says the baseball is the main place people take pictures at the park.  

“It's a very special place and it has the hearts of all Whitfield County residents, not just a few,” Chastain said. “And we're very proud of it."

Parks staff first heard about the damage when concerned neighbors started sending pictures. That’s when they got in touch with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office and started looking through their own security footage.

“We’re hoping to find something on our security cameras,” Millie Hicks, the League’s co-director, said. “A face, a car a tag, just any bit of information."

Both Hicks and Chastain have a hunch that neighborhood kids are the ones who damaged the baseball. Hicks says it wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to move the ball off its stand.

But even if the Sheriff’s Office is able to find the suspect, there’s a catch. The baseball is irreplaceable. Hicks says it was donated to the park anonymously, and originally came from Turner Field.

"At this point, we're not quite sure where to get another one," she said.

That leaves Miracle League stuck paying to fix the existing baseball. They aren’t on their own in paying for it, though. Hicks says she’s already received several calls from local businesses offering to donate.