Heavy rain caused flooding down Signal Mountain Boulevard on Sunday.

The scene was a lot different Monday as crews cleared the area of debris.

Danielle Warren is a Channel 3 employee and lives along the stretch of road. She started recording with her cell phone when she saw the flooding.

"I started recording because I thought it was really interesting how the cars were not going through and they were all turning around," she said.

Warren has lived in the area with her family for nine years and said the area has flooded so bad before, it had to be shut down.

"It seems like the drainage on that side of the road isn't working like it's supposed to be," she added.

District 26 Representative Robin Smith retweeted the video saying, "Infrastructure = Priority spending of taxpayer dollars.. Wow."

District 27 Representative Patsy Hazlewood, who represents the area, agrees. She contacted TDOT after Channel 3 showed her the video and said TDOT is already working on permanent fix.

"The then-governor Haslam and the then-legislature showed their awareness of that and the fact that once a top priority when we passed the IMPROVE Act and allocated those dollars."

We don't know an exact date for when the projects will start.

We just know before the end of the year.

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