The Nation of Makers conference begins this Friday at the Chattanooga Convention Center. They partnered with a non-profit organization called, Magic Wheelchair to make a difference for a Chattanooga teen.

A team of volunteers in Chattanooga has spent over 30 hours transforming a wheelchair for a local teen with Cerebral Palsy.

Amelia Stewart is a 17-year-old girl who lives life in her wheelchair.

"Amelia has a great attitude. I have a lot of respect for someone who can still smile when she's not as lucky," said volunteer Christian Glenn.

When a team was asked to build a new wheelchair frame for her-- they didn't think twice.

"I said absolutely. You can't turn something like this down," volunteer Elyse Farris told Channel 3.

Amelia says she always dreamed of going to Comicon but feared she wouldn't have a cool costume-- volunteers spent weeks making her dream a reality.

"I cannot wait to unveil this to her. I can not wait to see her face," said Farris.

Amelia's parents are overwhelmed with the kindness being shown to their daughter.

"Strangers are willing to put in all that time and energy for Amelia. I think that speaks a lot for the people here," said Steven Stewart.

"The team will present Amelia with her new wheelchair this weekend at the Nation of Makers Conference. They want the final product to be a surprise, but they did say this isn't going to be your average wheelchair.

"I can't wait to add more of the electronic bits, the lights, the sounds," said Farris.

Amelia isn't the only one feeling grateful-- volunteers are too.

"Honestly it's awesome. I've never done any form of volunteering or anything like this before. I'm extremely excited for Saturday. It sounds silly, but this is my proudest accomplishment at the moment," said Glenn.