Korean War veteran James “Dewey” Cleghorn has five children, six stepchildren and dozens of grandkids and great grandkids. His family brought the whole gang together this weekend in LaFayette to celebrate a major milestone – Cleghorn’s 90th birthday.

Cleghorn’s son, Mike Cleghorn says his dad learned a lot about parenting while serving as a medic in Korea.

“Life is such a gift. Day to day,” he said. “And he decided to be a very happy man and a very positive man day to day."

So at his ninetieth birthday party, Cleghorn's family wanted to celebrate his service, as well as another year well spent.

“The soldiers that stand for us every day, they have our greatest admiration and pop is very admired by us,” Mike Cleghorn said.

A family member serving overseas even sent back letters from two South Korean men he met while serving. They wanted to thank Cleghorn for fighting for freedom.

A representative from the American Legion also came to the celebration, bringing Cleghorn an Ambassador of Peace medal from the South Korean government, along with recognition from the governor of Georgia.

Even with all of the awards and honors, Cleghorn was just happy to be spending time with family.

"Oh, it feels wonderful. Good and wonderful. I sure am proud of my family,” he said.