A family is pleading for your help after thousands of dollars worth of recreational equipment was stolen from their driveway.

On Friday morning, thieves came to the corner of Beverly Kay and Tricia Drive in broad daylight.

Neighbors caught the whole thing on surveillance video-- showing the thieves stealing a trailer with two four-wheelers and a child's bike inside.

"It makes me angry more than anything," said Richard Varnell, the man whose trailer was stolen.

Varnell says they recently moved to the area, this is not the warm welcome they had hoped for.

"They backed down the driveway to the trailer, took off with it, they got to the end of the driveway and dropped it. They came back, hit the house, they backed up and got it again," Varnell told Channel 3.

"It's heartbreaking. They're moving, they're in the middle of a trying time, and they got kicked while they were down," said the family's friend Lindsay Cagle.

Family and friends took to social media, sharing surveillance video and pictures of the truck that got away with their belongings.

The family received a tip on one of the thieves' identity after their post went viral-- including a picture of who they think did this.

"When we showed the picture to our middle son-- he said it was the same guy that knocked on the door," said Varnell.

On Wednesday – two days before their trailer was stolen – they say the thieves came knocking on their door.

"One of the boys answered the door and they asked are your parents home? And we weren't at the time," Varnell told channel 3.

They feel like their home was being watched for days.

"Somebody had to have known the schedule around here to come and get it to know they weren't going to be home," recalled Cagle.

Family and friends are hopeful someone will see this video and report the location of their trailer to investigators.

Cagle told Channel 3 the vehicle police are looking for is an older model silver GMC truck with white pinstripes on the tires and black stripes down the side.

If you know anything about the crime you're asked to call the Chattanooga Police Department at 423-698-2525.