Saturday marked the fourth National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and the Chattanooga chapter of Moms and Students Demand Action participated by decking out in orange.

The Wear Orange campaign invites people to wear the color orange, symbolizing the value of human life, to recognize those impacted by gun violence.

In addition to wearing orange, Chattanooga Moms and Students Demand Action came together today to make 100 orange pinwheels. The pinwheels are meant to represent the 100 lives taken by gun violence every day in the United States.

Moms and Students Demand Action organizers say they hope the day’s events help bring awareness to the impact of gun violence.

"I hope that people can come together, it's really a non-partisan issue,” Jill Weitz, co-lead of the Chattanooga chapter said. “And I hope that people can really see the significance and the importance of how many people are touched and affected by gun violence."