A Navy veteran left his ID tag behind in Normandy years ago, and now a veteran organization is working to return it to his family.

O.P. Veteran's CEO and veteran, Denny Katona, spends his days helping fellow vets transition after service. He says honoring those who serve and protect our country is the right thing to do. So when a fellow veteran’s ID tag was found in France, his team spent months tracking down the person whose name is engraved on the metal plate.

“Being able to present a portion of that family's past to them, that helps them keep that story alive for not only their generation but future generations,” he said.

Katona says Walter T. Wilson Jr. served in the Navy as a metal worker during "Operation Overlord." He says that's when he lost his tag.

“It would stand to reason that, yes, he was a part of that initial push and then being that he was a metal worker he more than likely helped repair bridges,” Katona explained. “Hopefully, we'll get more information regarding his service and what he did and we can again paint that more clear picture.”

The WWII veteran died in 1985 at the age of 67. He was buried at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

Katona says his team made contact with a possible relative on Twitter. He says they are still verifying the relationship, but they are also still searching for the veteran's service records. Once that's complete the ID tag will be presented to family.

“We want to be able to present relatives with a shadowbox with not only his service tag but also other medals or achievements earned while in the military because it's a soothing tribute to his service and sacrifice to this nation ,” Katona said.

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