Summer camps opened up its doors and kids in the Chattanooga area had a golden opportunity to learn some basic fundamentals in the game of basketball.

The 15th Annual "3 Point Play Ministries" basketball camp took place this week at Stadifer Gap Elementary School.

Coach and Camp Director E.W. Dempsey have been hosting this free event for 15 years. We asked him what should kids take away from the camp and why is it so

important to host these free camps not only here in the Tennessee Valley but in the southeast region of the United States. 

Dempsey said, "We want to teach the kids the right way, it is important that our youth not only learn the basic fundamentals in sports but in life as well.

Dempsey went on to say "by calling a ministry we are also representing the fact that we can learn from things from sports that applied to life following rules

following the coaches that are helping us the parents policeman, police women things in life"

Coach Dempsey will host a free volleyball camp sometime this summer in Hixson.

For more information contact Coach Dempsey at 423-667-5420.