UPDATE:  The man wanted in connection to a hit and run in Cleveland that left a 7-year-old girl seriously injured has now been arrested.

According to Cleveland Police Department, 28-year-old Paul Hunter was taken into custody from a Cleveland hotel room at 2:30 Saturday afternoon. 

After receiving a tip, police responded to the Exclusive Quarters hotel located at 210 James Asbury Drive.

Police say in addition to these warrants, Hunter was also arrested for violation of probation and failure to appear, charges that have been outstanding for the past few months. 




UPDATE: Cleveland police are looking for a man they say caused a car crash that sent a six-year-old girl to the hospital with a fractured skull.

Police say 28-year-old Paul D. Hunter was already wanted on previous warrants, but is now facing two new charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a revoked license. 

Police say Hunter ran he ran a stop sign on Shephard Street and side-swiped another car heading west on Inman Street. They say Hunter sped off immediately after the Memorial Day crash.

“It's a crime to do that. Anytime you're involved in a motor vehicle crash you have to stop you have to wait for police,” said Sgt. Evie West, spokesperson for the Cleveland Police Department. “His driver's license was revoked so he shouldn't have been driving in the first place but he chose to drive. He made the choice to leave the scene of a wreck and he will face consequences for that.”

Later that day, officers spotted Hunter parked on Poplar Street. According to a police report, Hunter got out of the car and ran when officers drove passed him.

That was 10 days ago and Hunter has not been found.

Now police have a message for the man they say is on the run.

"This situation happened. There was someone hurt. So the honorable thing to do would be to come forward and we're asking for him to do that,” said West.

If you know anything about this case or where to find Paul Hunter, call the Cleveland Police Department at 423-476-1121.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: A Cleveland family had their lives changed forever when a person hit their car and drove away on Memorial Day, leaving their daughter with a head injury.

"We were on our way home and we were just driving past the pool and this person pulled out of a stop sign without stopping and plowed right into us," Sherry Hyde told Channel 3.

The hit and run happened on Shepard and Inman Street right in front of Mosby pool in Cleveland.

"[He] Didn't stop. Didn't stop at the stop sign. Didn't stop for us. He just kept driving," recalled Hyde.

The family's car was totaled, but more worrisome, the state of their little girl. 

"I'm upset. I could have lost my daughter because of this," Hyde told Channel 3.

Six-year-old Avery Hyde is now battling a head injury. Her skull is fractured; her brain is bleeding, and the driver responsible is still on the loose.

"It's awful, especially when there is nothing you can do. Nobody taking responsibility for it, it hurts," said Hyde.

A police report shows Cleveland Police have a hunch who the driver could be, but no arrest has been made.

"It's scary knowing that he's out there and could do this to someone else," Hyde told Channel 3.

Sherry Hyde wants justice for her family.

"I just want him to do the right thing and take responsibility for what he's done to this six-year-old child," said Hyde.

If you know anything about this case, call the Cleveland Police Department at 423-476-1121.

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PREVIOUS STORY: The Cleveland Police Department is looking for a man who they say left the scene of a serious crash on May 27.

The crash happened around 2:40 p.m. near the intersection of Shepard Road and Inman Street.

The police report says the driver ran a stop sign on Shepard Road and hit a vehicle that was going west on Inman Street.

The report says the driver sped away from the scene but was later spotted by an officer on Poplar Street, where he fled on foot.

The crash sent two people in the car to the hospital.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Cleveland Police Department at (423) 476-7511.

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