UPDATE: The search for suspect in a hit-and-run case in Bledsoe County has been canceled. 

Bledsoe County Detectives say after talking with the victim a second time, it was revealed that the incident was not a hit and run, but rather the result of an argument.   The argument became heated and as both boys were leaving, the one driving a pickup truck hit the other boy on a bike causing him to hit the bridge and damage the bike and get hurt. 

There are no charges at this time against either teen.

PREVIOUS STORY: Police are still searching for a hit and run suspect who struck a 16-year-old in Bledsoe County on Monday.

Jason Layne says his son had pulled over on a bridge overlooking the Sequatchie River when a red car came speeding down McWilliams Road.

The car hit the teen and dragged him about 25 yards before speeding off.

The boy was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. He’s home now and expected to be fine.

The Bledsoe County Sheriff’s Department is looking into the incident and the investigation is ongoing.

Layne says the family is offering a $500 reward for anyone with information about the suspec