Community members for and against the Hamilton County budget, brought their concerns to the commission Wednesday morning.

Of the many things included in the Hamilton County budget, the most talked about was school funding.

A majority of the comments from the audience were about teacher raises.

Nearly a packed room of people anxiously waiting to hear the county commissioner’s opinions of Mayor Jim Coppinger's budget.

The school fund has been a hot topic surrounding spending for 2020.

Coppinger says he met with administrators from several departments to make budget cuts. So, the school systems needs would be met.

“They said OK. We want to make this happen,” said Jim Coppinger. “What are the two things that we can do without, or postpone for a year or two down the road?”

If approved, property owners will see a 34 cent increase in property taxes.

Some see the need first hand in Hamilton County Schools.

They are willing to make a sacrifice for 44,000 students.

Commissioner Tim Boyd made a comment saying only teachers making a difference should see pay raises, not other school employees.

Several community members stood in line to respond including Erica Martin.

“There's absolutely no way I could do my job without the help of support staff,” said Erica Martin. “So I think that raises the need to be sprayed throughout the building, not just to teachers.”

Coppinger says about 65 percent of this budget will go towards the school system.

On the other hand, some taxpayers think it's an unnecessary raise.

Boyd played a voice mail from a woman who lives in his district.

“Every time somebody wants something done, it's always funded by the property owner,” said Mrs. Mitchell. "It is not right.”

Students like Carson Bach went to the rally earlier in the morning and attended the meeting to address commissioners.

“This budget improves our schools. This budget funds our future. Thank you,” said Carson Bach.

Commissioners will vote on this budget June 26.