The Marion County Sheriff's Office is rallying around one of their own, Detective Mary Beth Raulston, as she recovers after accidentally being shot in the leg by another detective who was working to unload the AR-15 when it discharged.

Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett said she's still recovering in a rehab facility and is making progress.

"She will probably be there a couple of weeks. They're training her how to do things on the leg," said Sheriff Burnett. "They're teaching her how to do things on her own." 

Sheriff Burnett said Detective Raulston has a shattered femur and can't put any weight on her leg for the next couple of months. 

He said she's mentally tough after more than 20 years on the force.

"She worked child abuse, sex abuse cases, like I said before those are hard cases to work, but she has done a great job. I told someone when she got after somebody she put them in prison," said Sheriff Burnett. 

That tenacious attitude is helping in her recovery. Sheriff Burnett said his department is doing what they can to support Detective Raulston emotionally and financially.

"You know a lot of the officers have second jobs and now she can't do anything. So a lot of the officers are going to mow her yard, and we built her a wheelchair ramp," said Sheriff Burnett.

The person leading the charge is the detective who was holding the gun that went off. 

"He's actually going and seeing her. He's the one that's got these projects together, like mowing her yard," said Sheriff Burnett. "That's his therapy." 

Sheriff Burnett is still not naming that detective, but said Detective Raulston has forgiven him.

"She's told him in no uncertain terms that she holds no ill will towards him," The sheriff said. "She doesn't want anything done to him, it was just an accident." 

Sheriff Burnett said they also set up another resource for support. 

"We've started a GoFundMe page for her to raise some money just to offset some of the extra, since she isn't getting to work as much as she used to as she did before, just to offset some of the bills," said Sheriff Burnett. 

If you would like to help Detective Raulston, click here.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is still investigating the incident. They will present their findings to the District Attorney's Office who will then decide whether or not to press charges.

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