Lt. Daniel Francis with the Chattanooga Police Department says no one was overseeing the public safety cameras inside their intelligence center when one of their officers was shot.

It happened early Sunday morning at a Waffle House on E. 23rd Street.

“Within about an hour of the incident we had an investigator that came in and she was able to pull video and help assist with the investigation and identify a possible suspect vehicle,” Lt. Francis said.

A police report says a surveillance camera at Waffle House captured Brandi Burton involved in a disorder in the parking lot. It says an officer saw Burton with a gun. When he tried to disarm her, the gun went off and hit the officer and another man nearby.

Moments later, the police department's public safety camera, which has been placed on E. 23rd Street for nearly a year, caught Burton speeding off in a car.

“You tie that in with all the witness statements and all the other video and it altogether becomes very integral,” Lt. Francis said. “You can look at the video from the Waffle house in this case and you can see that it matches the video that we pulled and so it all just weaves together and makes on picture.”

Burton turned herself in Monday and now faces two counts of aggravated assault and felony reckless endangerment.

“Time and time again we're able to pull up video and help solve crimes,” Lt. Francis said.

So far this year, 563 incidents have been investigated by the police department's real time intelligence center. Channel 3 learned 334 of those incidents had video evidence captured on a public safety camera.