City officials have released what Friends of the Festival organizers put on their contract ahead of the Riverbend festival.

Richel Albright, Communications Director for Mayor Andy Berke, says every year they release an estimate of how many people will attend the festival, and this year they estimated 30,000 per night.

Organizers said there were 350,000 people who attended the entire Riverbend Festival last year, which averages to 43,750 people per night.

Riverbend has been an eight-day festival for the past few years, but this year it was cut to four days.

Albright said there is a process for permitting events like Riverbend.

Festival officials have to go through the Chattanooga Department of Transportation for road closures and Parks Maintenance to reserve their park reservation. 

Albright said they also have separate permits for alcohol sales.

Channel 3 reached out to Friends of the Festival organizer, Amy Morrow, about the number revealed. She said, "I see you realize we don't share festival numbers. However, that permitting process does ask for estimates, and yes, that's exactly what it is, just a nightly guesstimate to help the city with the permitting/planning process for matters such as road closures, etc."