The East Ridge Planning Commission approved the rezoning of the space between I-75 and Spring Creek Road, where the Red Wolves new soccer stadium could be built.

Though it's in its early stages, residents are worried this stadium could cause problems in their neighborhoods.

Residents say they are all for the Red Wolves coming to East Ridge, but some say they fear the project is being rushed.

Residents say they want more information to come out before the development gets final approval. 

"I think more people would be on board too. Like, all for it, yes, great, revenue; all of that. But I think there needed to be more time and the community needed to be involved more,” resident Tiffany Gee said.

Gee has lived off of Hurst Street for the past year, which is near the location of where the proposed new Red Wolves stadium and retail space would be built.

She's also worried this new development would cause traffic issues, taking away the small town feel in her neighborhood.

"I'm not going to feel as comfortable you know, with my kids playing outside. It's not going to be the sweet, quiet little neighborhood anymore,” Gee said.

But traffic isn't the only issue residents have.

Sandra Kurtz with a local environmental group says the development would be built on top of a wetland, which is vital to the environment.

"It's filled with a whole bunch of variety of aquatic species. And we have two endangered species in the wetland, and we would wanna save those,” Kurtz said.

She says it’s also vital to the taxpayer.

"Cause if you lose your wetland, you don't have anywhere for that water to go. You going to have to build another reservoir. You're going to have to dig a deep hole in another place?” Kurtz said.

Mike Chauncey with the Planning Commission says he understands residents' concerns but believes this process will be done correctly.

"I have confidence the engineers will do their due diligence to make sure anything that is developed down there will not hinder the residents way of living,” Chauncey said.

Chauncey says these plans aren't set in stone and still have to get approval from engineers.

The East Ridge City Council will have their first reading of the plans on June 13.

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