I don't know about you but I must have 3,000 old paper photos thrown in over a dozen shoe boxes scattered around the house. Photos of myself in elementary school through college, our wedding and the countless photos of my kids as they grew up. We haven't looked at them in years. Like you, I'd love to get them onto my computer so I can share them with my family and post them on Throw Back Thursdays on Facebook.

It's a pain to use a scanner so I use my smartphone camera which is imperfect too. Google PhotoScan, an app for both iOS and Android devices makes it easy to turn paper into digital and also organizes your entire photo library.

Google PhotoScan uses the camera to snap the photo then captures the corners. It does this by asking you to line up circles on the screen placed near the corners. Once that's complete PhotoScan saves the picture in my Google Photos account. It's there forever and ever and ever (or as long as Google's in business, I'm betting on forever and ever).

Like other photos stored with Google Photos each picture is organized and searchable by name, place, scenery or date. A photo of my golf team is in the results of a search for my name or the words 'golf course'. It even knows my dog Abigail because I tagged her in a photo once.

It isn't without faults. I found photos scanned with the new app had sort of a washed out look while pictures I've taken with photo apps and desk-jet scanners are more true to the natural color.

I've found that by using the app, I can convert about 70 photos an hour. I also found that many of the old photos in our shoeboxes are duplicates or just not very good so there's no need in scanning those for safe keeping.

Google PhotoScan is a great app to have on your phone when visiting family and old friends. Ask if you can look through their old photos for any you'd like to have yourself.

Google PhotoScan is free for Android devices and iPhones/iPads. You can find it now in the app stores.