Chattanooga Police confirm the officer involved in the shooting Sunday morning, along with the other victim, has been discharged from the hospital.  Their names have not been released.

The person who pulled the trigger has yet to be caught.

People who live near the corner of East 23rd and Kelly St. tell Channel 3 that crime is not uncommon in the area, but what happened Sunday morning is.

"We know that this area can have some crime with it but a police officer getting shot? In Chattanooga, Tennessee? It's boggling. It's unreal," said local vendor Christopher Rolle.

He says this is a new low for the community.

"I didn't think Chattanooga would go to that level to shoot a policeman," Rolle told Channel 3.

For others in the community, it's hard to understand the events that unfolded Sunday morning on East 23rd Street.

"It's not acceptable... It's not acceptable," said Robert Townsend.  Townsend lives nearby the Waffle House where the crime took place.

"That's not good-- An officer being shot. Those guys protect, you know?" said Townsend.

He says a shooting at Waffle House should never have happened.

"A place like that-- The Waffle House, for example, is a public place. Most people want to feel comfortable, safe, as they go out in public," Townsend told Channel 3.

People in the area say it takes just one person to make an entire community feel on-edge.

"There's a bad apple in every bunch. I don't know what happened with this cop shooting, but our heart goes out to them. We want Chattanooga to be a better city," said Rolle.

Police are still searching for the shooter. If you know anything, you're urged to call the Chattanooga Police Department at (423)698-2525. You can remain anonymous.