After years of mandatory vehicle emissions inspections for Hamilton County residents, the program may be close to driving off into the sunset.

Earlier in 2018, a bill was passed and signed into law by then-Gov. Bill Haslam to end the inspections for six Tennessee counties, including Hamilton County. 

State Senator Bo Watson, (R) Tennessee District 11, co-sponsored the bill.

Tennessee State Representative Mike Carter tweeted Friday that the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation has completed its air quality study and is recommending the elimination of mandatory vehicle emissions testing in Hamilton Co. & Middle Tennessee.

But before residents can plan on where to spend their annual $9 dollar inspection fee and related repair costs, the Environmental Protection Agency has to agree to the changes.

Channel 3 reached out to TDEC Friday for their response and was provided the statement:

TDEC has provided interested legislators with an update of our work to implement Public Chapter 953 (2018) which requires the elimination of the I&M program following EPA approval. We indicated that we have completed the technical work, but the interagency review is currently ongoing. Following the interagency review, the entire technical and regulatory package will be put out for public notice and comment.