A free ride-service is taking off in the midst of Riverbend. 

A group of current and former UTC students are giving people free rides in electric golf carts, the company is known as the Chattywagon. 

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For Chattywagon Co-founder Alex Tyler, it started with a need for a ride at Riverbend. 

"We were helping out at Riverbend and doing some commercial shoots there," Tyler said. "I had a golf cart, helping my friend, helping him move his drone equipment in, people just saw us driving the golf cart around and start hounding us for rides." 

The friend, Aaron Murray, would soon become the next co-found of Chattywagon. 

The two friends recognized a need in the community to get around downtown. 

"About 57% of our riders are local so they actually live in the downtown area and they are looking for a solution to get from work to lunch quickly and efficiently," Murray said. 

The free rides are made possible by local sponsors, who put their advertisements on the golf carts. 

"We noticed the community doesn't want to really be taxed going short distances they already have to pay for parking everywhere," Tyler said. 

While the rides are free, the drivers accept tips. 

To schedule your free Chattywagon ride or learn more information, download their app.