Hamilton County District 8 Commissioner Tim Boyd addressed his constituents in a community meeting in East Ridge that was documented on his Facebook page. The Facebook live video lasted over an hour.

"I'm going to give you what I feel like is the factual story that's not being given to you by the media or the department of education, and the numbers are surprising and some of the things they say, I'll let you be the judge of," said Boyd. "Is it misinformation? Is it factual, I don't know?" 

The community meeting, which was held on May 16, was centered around a proposed tax increase to help cover the cost of a $34 million increase in the school system's budget.

"The school board has absolutely no reason to put out misinformation," said Tucker McClendon. 

Tucker McClendon is the District 8 Hamilton County School Board representative. He said the school district needs the additional money to start closing the gap in certain areas.

"Out of the national benchmarks for a counselor is one to 250, we're currently at one to 700. You can't make those numbers up, those are what the ratios are," said McClendon.

"We're doing a great job making progress, this is what the school board and Dr. Johnson say repeatedly and I say great, continue the progress without a $34 million dollar increase," said Boyd.

McClendon said they need the funding to better serve their student population.

"Yeah our job whether people like it or not is that we have to educate the whole child if they don't have a loving family at home when they walk through our doors they're our responsibility," said McClendon.

Commissioner Boyd released a statement Thursday afternoon, ahead of his next community meeting.

"I will be giving factual examples of some of the misinformation being released to the public by the HCDE and continually being reported by the media.  Come to the meeting and see for yourself.  All of my slides have the sources identified.  The facts are the facts, and I am not standing silent while the HCDE control the message."