People are starting to head outside to enjoy the great outdoors here in the Tennessee Valley.

For teacher Katie Gonzalez, she's making sure she gets the chance to take her two dogs on a walk. 

"We try to go every day now that school is out, trying to take advantage of the teacher thing," Gonzalez said. 

But they aren't the only ones on the trails.  

She said she thinks mosquitoes have been really bad this year. 

"I just feel like it is because of all the rain and how fast the heat came in," Gonzalez said. "They were kind of bad last year too."

So how can you keep yourself away from mosquitoes and ticks this summer?

  • Stay on the trails, don't venture off into wooded areas.
  • Wear bug spray
  • Wear extra layers of clothing

Bonnie Deakins with the Hamilton County Health Department gave some tips on how you can avoid mosquitoes around your home as well.

Asian longhorned ticks. CDC photo

"If you have any containers in your yard that hold water be sure to empty those out, throw those away," Deakins said. "If you have a bird bath, try to change that water at least once a week and don't allow mosquitoes to bread in your yard."

For snakes, TWRA officials suggest people watch where they walk, are cautious around brush piles and other debris. 

The two venomous snakes found in Hamilton County are Timber Rattlesnakes and Copperhead snakes, according to TWRA officials.