Riverbend gave the crowd something to sing along to as the band Weezer headlined the festival’s opening night this year.

But there are a couple of things to look out for this year.

Instead of tokens, organizers have switched to digital wristbands. People can use them to check in and out of the festival. They can also purchase food, drinks, and merchandise, and people are absolutely for it.

"It's very simple," Brooklyn Hudson said.

Emory Rogers says the new way to get in just seems a lot quicker than before.

Terry Sherill says the wristbands are more convenient than the badges they had to use last year.

But one change fans are most excited about is the new festival length. They say having the festival shortened can help bring in better bands for the future.

"I really like the lineup this year. I think they have a great group of headliners. But, I think it will be really good. I think it was a good decision on their part because the past few have been a little rough," Sherill said.

Audience members aren't the only ones excited about the changes.

Brittany Schult has worked for Riverbend for six years and she believed the festival needed a big change and soon.

"It'd gone a little downhill every year. But I think that's the upside about this year being only four days. They can actually put a little more money on the headliners," Schult said.

Schult says the wristbands help in many ways, making her job easier throughout the festival.

"It's a lot safer,” Schult said. “It's just a lot easier with these wristbands. It's very convenient."

Workers say they did have issues with the new system early on, but have since fixed the problem and expect a successful festival.

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