It's one of the most highly anticipated events in the Tennessee Valley.

We're just one day away from the first day of Riverbend and it's bringing the heat. 

No, really.

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Channel 3's Storm Alert Team expects temperatures to reach nearly 90 degrees. 

Dr. Derek Worley with Erlanger Health System said those are temperatures that can give people heat exhaustion and even a heat stroke. 

He said some symptoms of heat exhaustion can be sweating and fatigue. 

Dr. Worley said it's the start of a possible heat stroke, which impacts your central nervous system. 

"You may start being more confused, you just kind of seem out of it and you may not be sweating, sometimes your skin can be cold and clammy," Worley said. 

So how can you stay cool in the scorching heat?  Dr. Worley said the most important thing is to drink plenty of water. 

"Trying to avoid being in the direct sunlight if possible, being out in a shaded area if you can," Worley said. 

He said you should wear sunscreen, lightly-colored clothing, and take breaks, especially from alcohol. 

"Really try to limit alcohol consumption because alcohol can dehydrate you," Worley said. "I know there will be a lot of people out there drink, what I would say is if you're going to have an alcoholic drink, you should try to have a bottle of water to try to offset those effects."