There’s no shortage of recipe or cooking apps in the app stores. Some really great ones with tens of thousands of dishes but that isn't what you always need or want. If you want simple and fun, there’s Tasty.

This free app for Android and iOS devices has a super simple layout that makes it easy to browse through the dozens of categories.

Choose a dish in Tasty and rather than just getting the recipe, you get a gif-like video showing every step you should take. And they make it all look easy. That's the point.

Cajun BBQ Wings could sound a little intimidating but a featured recipe in Tasty only has 8 steps. The video shows you each one and all the ingredients you need. The videos are set to music and play on a loop but you can also watch one step at a time. Seriously simple. Who couldn't do this?

Tasty has recipes for cocktails, mocktails, keto, vegetarian and vegan. The creators of a meatless pulled-pork sandwich made with Jack fruit, pranked their friends who couldn't believe it was meat free. Who knew shredding a jack fruit could be simple?

There are hundreds of vegan recipes and users are sharing more every day. Creative recipes too, like mango avocodo taco cups or meatless meatball food rings.

Homemade honeycomb doesn't sound like something I'd be brave enough to try, but the step by step video makes it look so easy and it is.

Tasty was just updated to include nutritional information.

I wouldn't suggest getting rid of other recipe apps on your phone. But for summertime, when you want to keep things simple and Tasty, this app belongs on anyone's home screen.