Monday was the sixth straight day the Chattanooga area hit temperatures above or at 90 degrees. Park rangers at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Dade County, Georgia said that in this weather you need to bring water with you if you decide to do any outdoor activities.

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Cloudland Canyon State Park is known for its scenic views and gorgeous waterfalls, and each year around 400,000 people decide to visit. This Memorial Day Weekend the park saw quite a bit of traffic according to Park Ranger Daniel Henderson.

"We've been at 100% occupancy all weekend. Starting Thursday evening through today, we've been absolutely packed,” said Henderson.

He said they see about one to two incidents a weekend, and this weekend was no exception.

"We've had a couple people already this weekend that we've had to check on in the canyon or help get out of the canyon because they were passing out from heat exhaustion not enough hydration,” said Henderson.

They sell bottled water at the visitor’s center in the park, they also have water fountains where you can fill your water bottles up.

"We ask that you just bring it with you as well. It's something that's always important whether you're in a state park, a national forest, or even just at your house working around the yard, you need to be drinking water,” said Henderson.

Bring water, follow the rules, and no going off trails are the guidelines to follow when visiting a state park, otherwise people might get into some challenging situations.

"To get there to get somebody out it's manpower carrying people up about 600 stairs at least depending on where they're at on the trail we can't really access it with vehicles or anything,” said Henderson.

Another rule that's important to follow in Georgia State Parks is no swimming. 

"We ask that people don't swim, that's not just in our park that's in about every park across the state."

He said because of where the waterfalls are in the canyon, if you get hurt, they will have to carry you out.