Lightning bug, Lightning Beetle, Firefly, whichever name you prefer, you may have noticed these glowing beetles have started to make their yearly appearance, and a little earlier this year. There's a few reasons for this: the wet and mild winter (February's double than normal rainfall) along with a wet spring, and now unseasonably warm temperatures early. The last 5 days high temperature have hit 90 or higher, with little relief at night, essentially fooling this beetle into thinking it's already June. 

The best time to view the glowing beetle is right after sunset until 10:00PM. The warmest nights are also the best time to view through mid June. Through Thursday night, temperatures will stay in the upper 60s, to low 70s making the best nights through Thursday this week. Temperatures will take a slight dip come Friday and Saturday night, with some areas dropping to the low 60s. 

Because lightning bugs are on the decline due to pollution, the lack of natural habitat for fireflies, and their lack of relocating, if your back yard is full of them, and you want to catch them, keep them safe by placing a wet paper towel in the bottom of a glass jar. Pierce holes in the glass jar, so the beetle can breathe, and remember to release the next day!

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