The City of Ringgold kicked of the annual 1890's Day Jamboree this weekend.

For more than 40 years, the people of Ringgold gather on the streets of downtown just to blow off some much needed steam.

"This is an opportunity for you to come out, see your neighbors you haven't seen in a while and speak to them. It's a time to just relax,” Terry Crawford said.

Crawford says not only has the 1890's Jamboree been a way for residents to relax, it's also helped them get through difficult times, like the deadly tornadoes back in 2011.

"We needed a break from everything we have been through. Just a time to sit down and relax,” Crawford said.

The event has dozens of vendors with great food and merchandise. There is also live music.

Organizers say they expect over 20,000 people in downtown Ringgold over the weekend.

Organizer Sara Clark says the profits they see from the jamboree go toward future events in the area.

Clark says the money isn't what makes the event so important. It's the people of Ringgold.

"We really don't do it to raise money. We do it for a festival for the people. We are doing what we can to bring people into downtown Ringgold and to enjoy themselves,” Clark said.

The 1890's Day Jamboree runs until Sunday evening.