With summer approaching, Soddy-Daisy's police chief is warning people about the consequences that come with some of the city's popular summer activities, including bridge jumping.

Chief Jeff Gann posted a video on Facebook sharing concerns about one bridge in particular, which is known as one of the “twin bridges.” It overlooks Chickamauga Lake along Dayton Pike. Gann says it's a popular spot for teens and elementary students who jump off the bridge. He says they block the highway in the process. The police department spokesperson says they receive at least five calls a day from drivers reporting students blocking the road.

“The roadway is entirely too close to the edge of the bridge walls. That causes a roadway hazard and we definitely don't anyone hit by a vehicle,” he said.

But Gann says the shallow water below the bridge is also not safe. Melanie Richardson agrees. Though she hasn't seen anyone make the jump.

“It's just bad for everybody,” Richardson said. “It's a crazy idea. I wouldn't have any idea why anybody would want to do that. You don't know how deep it is, you don't know what's in the water.”

It is against the law to jump off a bridge and block a highway or road. Violators could face jail time or a fine. Gann told parents that anyone caught doing so this summer will face consequences.          

“If the law is broken then the next call they will be able to give you is actually going to be coming from (the Juvenile Detention Center).
There are no signs warning people not to jump of the twin bridges, but Chief Gann says they are working to get some posted soon.