U.S. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Ben Moore surprised his three kids at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School during his son Eli's Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremony Friday morning. Not only did Gy Sgt. Moore surprise his three kids Madeline, Eli, and Jacob, but Jacob surprised him by walking up to him during the reunion.

"I haven't seen him walk yet in person, I saw a video around Christmas, but I haven't seen him myself walk," said Gy Sgt. Moore.

He said that when he was deployed to Asia on June 9th, 2018, Jacob wasn't walking yet.

"So it's awesome to see him take those steps," said Gy Sgt. Moore

But that wasn't the only part of the surprise, he said he had to keep the secret he was coming home for about a month.

"He called me yesterday and said my graduation is today, and I was like I'm still in Louisiana, and he was like, I'm mad at you," said Gy Sgt. Moore.

Eli and Madeline got called up to the front during the ceremony. 

"I was thinking maybe an award, but he's better," said Madeline.

They were shocked, Madeline said her dad gave her the biggest hug.

"It was good, I couldn't breathe for a few seconds there," said Madeline.

Now it's time to catch up. 

"I haven't seen them since June 9th last year, and I just missed them so bad, and they're getting bigger taller, and growing and I can't wait for all the stories," said Gy Sgt. Moore.

After the ceremony, Madeline said they were all going to a big lunch to talk about summer plans, which include a trip to Disney World next week.