With possibly record-breaking heat this weekend, it's a great idea to make sure your home is buttoned up and not leaking out cool air.  There are a few other less known, energy saving tips you can follow.  Jae Yu is the owner of Builtwell, a home management service.  He says, "Every time you mow your grass you want to make sure you don't blow your grass toward the air-conditioner. Because every time you do that you're building up a little bit of insulation with dirt on your coils. And the way the air conditioner works is it takes the hot air from inside of the house, and releases it through these coils. So every time you shoot it, it's going to build up a little bit of insulation that will make your air conditioner work a little bit harder."

And most experts agree you should have your air conditioner serviced and the coils cleaned at least once a year.  

Jae also says tinted windows might be an option.  "When we hear the words window tint, we think about cars only. But really they make window tint specifically for buildings. End it doesn't have to be dark, and it doesn't have to be shiny. Most of the time you can't even tell it is there. It's amazing how when you have that door or that window that gets direct sunlight on to it, when you have the window tint on there it will reduce the amount of heat that comes into your house and dramatically."  Jae says make sure the tinting is done by a professional so it is installed properly.

Now let's move inside and talk to the ceiling fans!  Jae says, "If you have a ceiling fan, definitely use it. But don't do it in a conventional way where you are blowing air on to you. You want to run it backwards. We know that hot air rises. And when you turn the air conditioner on all that cold air is staying on the bottom. By running the fan backwards, it's pulling the cold air up cooling the air above in the higher part of the room, so that way you are maximizing the use of the fan."

There is a switch on every ceiling fan you just have to reach up there and flip it and it will run in reverse.

Another energy sucker you may not be aware of is "phantom power".  Jae says, "Anytime there is still power going to the unit, it is going to give off heat. That is called phantom power. The TV is not on, but it still using power. By purchasing and using a smart outlet, you can use an app and turn The power completely off to those electronic items, and they are for cutting down the heat coming off any of those items.