To the main drag in Red Bank, right on Dayton Boulevard. "We're working on the burglary that occurred in May 8 at about 6 AM when two parties busted through the door," said Det. Sgt. Steve Hope.

He showed us some amazingly clear video of the crime at Subway, in progress, but there is not a lot to see. You will have to look at shoes and gestures to try to figure out who these two people are.

"It was right before they were going to open up. That's pretty brazen and I think it's just smash and grab," Hope added. "It was the typical wanna be thugs; decided they were going to do something big. Just, they look foolish slipping all over the place."

A number of cameras both night-vision and living color, show the duo's exploits. They have done a pretty good job disguising themselves with dark colors, bandanas, and the like. The one who donned red gloves even went so far as to go matchie-matchie as a red ball cap bill is clearly seen peeking from the person's hoodie.

Even if you do not know these two, anything you recognize could be key.

"Look at the shoes. If you can determine those shoes; look at the pants. I mean, they look like striped sweatpants or exercise pants," Hope explained. "Maybe if they were there for a casual jog, I would have believed that if they didn't drive away, but there's certain things they might be able to identify that would really help us."

The detective sergeant wants to round this duo up before someone gets hurt and, it is a point that's not made frequently enough: that someone could include one or both of the suspects.

"My concern is, when they came in, there could've been somebody there," Hope said. "What if that person was armed? What if they were armed? I don't want the confrontation of either the criminal or the public."

"No amount of money is worth getting hurt or killed over," Hope added. "Regardless of, again, what side of the law you're on. Get a job."

If you know anything about one or both of these people or anything about the crime itself, we want to hear from you. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Call with confidence. We will never ask who you are and up to $1,000 is waiting for the right bit of information.

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