The attorney representing a former Murray County deputy accused of sending inappropriate pictures to teen girls is speaking out on his behalf.  This comes after GBI officials arrested and charged the former deputy, Levi Amos, last Friday. 

McCracken Poston says he doesn't believe the allegations against his client are true and that the evidence in the case will prove it. 

"These are issues that inform the listener or the viewer of context and that's what is needed in this case – context," McCracken told Channel 3.

According to the GBI, Amos was arrested on May 17th and charged with Violation of Oath by Public Officer, Electronically Furnishing Obscene Material to Minors, and Computer Invasion of Privacy.  He was later released on $10,000 bond. Investigators say they were called to look into Amos in December for sending photos to the young women of himself.

"We have a generation that is quite active in expressing themselves in that fashion," McCracken explained.

Amos has also been accused of using the Georgia Crime Information Database to get access to the young women's personal information. 

"There are allegations that he did some things that are not true. There are allegations that he did some things that are justifiable and happens quite a bit," the attorney continued.

Poston says there's more to the story. He also claims the charges were somewhat a result of "Murray County Sheriff's politics".

"The full story, oddly enough, isn't told by the GBI's or the sheriff's press release. I've had cases that involved that sheriff's office before. There's a long history of younger officers not being properly trained," McCracken said.

Despite the charges his client faces Poston says once the evidence is submitted, it will tell the full story.

"When the discovery comes out and the discovery is applied, I believe people will see Mr. Amos in a different light," he added.

Poston says right now he and his client are preparing for his arraignment hearing, which he expects to happen sometime in the next few months. 

He says it's too early to tell whether they'll have to go to trial or not. 

Amos no longer works with the Murray County Sheriff's Office. He submitted a resignation shortly after he was suspended with pay from the department.