UPDATE: Marion County Sheriff Ronnie 'Bo' Burnett tells Channel 3 that Detective Mary Beth Raulston who was accidentally shot by a fellow detective Wednesday has come out of surgery and is 'doing well.'

"Got out of surgery did great, on her way to recovery," said Sheriff Burnett. "She did have surgery on her right leg. Doctors tell me it's probably going to be a full recovery, but it's going to be a long process."

Detective Raulston was shot in the leg, which broke her femur, when an AR-15 assault rifle was being unloaded by a fellow detective and accidentally discharged.

Sheriff Burnett said all the officers that were at the initial incident played a crucial role in helping Detective Raulston.

"The chief from South Pittsburg was actually here and administered first aid, the surgeon told me that really, really helped her," said Sheriff Burnett. "He actually had a couple of officers here in the building and they all jumped in and did great."

Sheriff Burnett said that Raulston's partner, the detective who was unloading the gun that fired, hasn't left her side. 

"They work in the same office for five years. They were like brother and sister always fussing and growling at each other. But, I want people to understand that we got an officer with a serious injury, and we got another officer that's having to live with this," said Sheriff Burnett. "He's really really taking it tough. She talked to him yesterday and helped him some."

Burnett also tells Channel 3 that the detective responsible has been placed on administrative leave until the conclusion of the TBI investigation.

That investigation is standard procedure for any shooting involving law enforcement.

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PREVIOUS STORY: A Marion County detective is recovering at Erlanger from an accidental shooting on Wednesday.

Officials say she was accidentally shot in the back of the leg by another detective, who is her partner, at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The gunshot reportedly broke her leg. She is expected to be okay.

Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett says she is tougher than anyone else in his department.

"We are a close family and this detective that was shot, she is well-liked by everybody. They all just love her. She does a great job. Been here for many, many years. You know, it's just tragic. Everybody is upset about it,” said Sheriff Burnett.

Burnett says the two detectives have worked together for years.

He told the detective responsible to head home, but he felt he needed to be there for his partner in fighting crime.

"Yes, he wouldn't leave. He wouldn't go home until he went to hospital,” Burnett said.

Burnett says the TBI will be investigating to see if any disciplinary action should be taken.

Burnett wants to find learn all of the details surrounding this tough situation.

"I'm just more comfortable with an outside agency doing the investigation. You never know where these things might lead, and I don't want anybody to say that the department only investigates themselves. I've got supervisors and agents over here and working great with us,” Burnett said.

The names of the detectives will not be released until their families have been notified.

PREVIOUS STORY: An accidental shooting involving a Marion County detective is under investigation on Wednesday.

Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett says a female detective was shot in the leg when a high-powered gun fired a round.

Sheriff Burnett says the detective has been taken to Erlanger and has a broken leg as a result of the shooting.

The detective is expected to be okay.

The name of the detective will not be released until her family has been notified.

The TBI is investigating the incident.

Channel 3 has a crew working to learn more.