CHI Memorial is teaming up with the Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic to provide mammography and lung CT screenings. Mobile health coaches will be at Cleveland High School from June 1-2 to help. 

All women are recommended to have one mammogram between the ages of 35-40. After that, mammograms are recommended every year. Any woman fitting those age guidelines can participate in the mobile screenings, even without insurance. 

A Breathe.Easy. mobile lung CT coach will provide the lung CT screenings, designed to diagnose lung cancer at its earliest stages. Private insurance covers these screenings for high-risk individuals, and they are also covered by Medicare and Medicaid. 

To schedule a mammography screening, call 423-495-4040 or 866-591-2254. 

To see if a lung CT is right for you, or to schedule a screening, call 423-495-LUNG (5864).