UPDATE: New details about the teen who was kidnapped from Indiana and brought to Chattanooga.

According to court documents, Larry Taylor forced Shayden Howard, 14, to leave to join gang members in California.  Howard's girlfriend told police that he didn't want to go but had to leave because Taylor said quote, "the only way out of the gang is death."

Taylor and Howard were found 16 days later at a park in Chattanooga.

Taylor is facing kidnapping charges.

PREVIOUS STORY: A kidnapped Indiana teen found safe in Chattanooga has been reunited with his family. 

Shayden Howard, 14, was reported missing by his parents on May 6 from Garrett, Indiana.

He was found by a Chattanooga Police officer Monday night. 

The teen's mom was overwhelmed when she heard the news.

Kesha Howard, Shayden's mom, "When he showed me the picture, I went to hug him but I fell to the floor. I cannot even describe to you the weight and the pressure that was lifted. There was a pain in my chest, and it hurt to breathe the entire time, but when I saw that picture of Shayden, it all just left."

The suspect, in this case, Larry Taylor was arrested for Public Intoxication on Monday.  He awaits extradition in the Hamilton County Jail.

An arrest warrant for kidnapping has been issued in DeKalb County, Indiana. 

ORIGINAL STORY: A teen who was the center of missing person alert in Indiana has been found safe in Chattanooga.

Shayden D. Howard, 14, was reported missing by his parents May 6 in Garrett, Indiana.

On Monday night a Chattanooga Police officer found Howard with two other men, Larry E. Taylor, 36, also from Garrett, and Charles Pope, 50, of Chattanooga. The two men were drinking at a public park.

The officer took both men into custody for Public Intoxication.

During questioning of Taylor and Howard the officer noticed their stories did not match up.

Officials contacted the DeKalb County, Indiana Prosecutor's Office and while inquiring about Taylor's criminal history, they learned about the missing persons alert and from that information, were able to verify Howard'sidentity.

Taylor is at the Hamilton County Jail with no bond.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Larry Taylor in DeKalb County, Indiana on a preliminary charge of Kidnapping with the potential of additional charges at a later time.

Extradition procedures are underway in an attempt to bring Taylor back to DeKalb County.