Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada says he will resign from his position in the coming weeks after he meets with the Republican Caucus.

But several representatives say Casada shouldn't delay his resignation.

"It just struck me as bizarre that we would have this Harvard law review letter written with so many details and finites, twists and turns in it. If he is going to resign, he just needs to say he is going to resign,” TN State Representative Mike Carter said.

Carter says he is no longer being silent about Casada.  

"I just said, I've gotta write this letter. I can't. I just can't keep this silent any longer,” Carter said.

Carter is throwing his own name in to replace Casada, saying he cares more about helping Tennesseans than politics.

"I want to know the facts. I don't care if it's this person or that person, I don't care about the politics,” Carter said.

House Speaker Casada released a statement earlier Tuesday saying he would resign as speaker in the coming weeks, but Carter isn't waiting.

He is filing a petition for a Special Session of Legislature that would remove Casada from the House immediately.

He says the texts leaked from Casada show he isn't qualified for the position.

"They showed me a profound lack of judgment. And I think, woah, these problems aren't three years old, they remain today. And that's what changed my mind,” Carter said.

Speaker pro tempore Bill Dunn says the quicker Casada leaves his post, the quicker the House can move on.

"So, it actually makes more sense and is more effective and efficient if we go ahead and we take care of that earlier rather than later,” Dunn said.

Carter says he plans to have the petition filled out by other lawmakers within the upcoming days.

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