Over 1300 people have signed a petition on change.org against the new development on Snow Hill Road. The development plan boasts more than 450 homes on 200 acres of land, on the same road as Ooltewah High School, neighborhoods, and farms. 

Josh Cain owns the property right next to the proposed development. On that property he has his business and his home, and he's worried for the traffic that this new subdivision will create.

"You gotta get these people out of the subdivision, you got to get them to school, you got to get them to work and quite frankly Snow Hill road just can't handle that," said Cain.

As a developer himself, Cain's worried about the amount of homes that the developer is trying to fit on that land. 

He's not the only one worried, more than 1,400 people have signed that petition since Tuesday evening. Cain said it's not because they don't want anything there. 

"I don't think anybody is against the development itself it's just in the capacity in which it's being done," he said. 

Even Hamilton County District 9 Commissioner Chester Bankston said the two-lane road is congested.

"It's a bad road, it is going to put a lot more traffic on there," said Bankston. 

But he said without growth, there will be other problems residents will have to worry about. 

"If you don't want growth you will get a tax increase," said Bankston. "If you allow growth we can get by without tax increases." 

But even without the zoning change the developer is asking for, he can still build a neighborhood on that land.

"Right now, they could build as many or more than they could if we changed the A1 (Agriculture 1) to R1 (Residential 1)," said Bankston.

Cain hopes that commissioners don't rezone the land, but he does hope commissioners will give the developer guidelines.

"I think they're just wanting to structure it to make it look uniform to Snow Hill Road and a farm area," said Cain.

He said that he actually knew that land was going to be developed eventually, but he wants it to be handled with care.

"We understand that it's going to grow, but we just want it to be done in a respectable and responsible manner," said Cain.

We did call the developer who told us that he needed to speak with his attorney's before commenting, we haven't hear from him since Tuesday morning. 

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