A man is accused of shooting at one of his relatives, stealing another relative’s car and then shooting at McMinn County deputies after leading them on a chase.

The McMinn County Sheriff's Office says it happened Monday around 8:30 p.m.

Sheriff Joe Guy says a relative of Nicholas Nunley called 911 after Nunley shot at another relative following an argument. He says Nunley’s family had been trying to calm him down all day, but things escalated.

Guy says he was at ceremony downtown, honoring his team when the call came in. He identified Nunley as the shooter, who he says is a familiar face to the sheriff’s office.

“We know him he had some felony warrants on him anyway,” Guy said. “I think they had tried to talk him down and of course he wouldn't listen to them and it just escalated into what it turned out to.”

Deputies arrived at the Riceville home where Nunley was but Nunley had already taken off in a car he stole from a family member. Minutes later, deputies found Nunley parked on County Road 73.

“When they rolled up on him he pointed a handgun at them so that led to a vehicle pursuit which went onto some farm land around the old bell springs trout fishery,” Guy explained.

Deputies chased Nunley for about five minutes before he got out of the car and ran.

“During the foot pursuit he turned around and fired some shots at some of our deputies as they were pursuing him on foot. They returned fire but luckily, no one was struck,” Guy said. “It is tough when someone actually uses some deadly force against one of your officers that mean a lot to you and you're concerned about their safety. I was whispering a prayer as I was rolling down that direction that they would be okay and luckily they were.”

Deputies say Nunley ran through a field and into a building, where he barricaded himself for two hours.

“He was obviously under the influence or something and never would come out so we were forced to make entry and take him into custody,” Guy said.

Nunley remains in custody in McMinn County with a $166,500 bond. He faces nine charges; five of them are felonies.

  • Aggravated assault on an officer
  • Aggravated domestic assault with a deadly weapon
  • Evading arrest
  • Fugitive from justice
  • Theft of motor vehicle
  • Unlawful carrying or procession of a weapon by felon
  • Driving on revoked DL 4th offense
  • Resisting stop
  • Reckless endangerment class A misdemeanor

According to court documents, Nunley has a lengthy criminal history.

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