In the near future (closer than you think) it's going to be too hot to walk the pups in the afternoon. When cement and black pavement reach 120 degrees, initial pain can develop, without permanent damage. When pavement reaches 140 degrees, burns and permanent damage can occur after a minute, and once the pavement reaches 160 degrees, rapid burns, blistering, and nerve damage is possible.

So when can this happen? When temperatures reach the 90s.

Memorial Day weekend brings picnics and pool parties, but it can also bring scorching heat for bare feet and on the pads of our furry friends. As a rule of thumb, says to use the seven second rule. If you put your hand on the pavement for seven seconds, and it's too hot for you, then it's too hot for your furry friend. 

In the sun, an air temperature of 92 degrees brings cement to 105 degrees, and a blacktop temperature of 121 degrees. An air temperature of 94 degrees brings cement to 115 degrees, and blacktop to 135 degrees, and an air temperature of 95 degrees, brings cement to 125 degrees, and blacktop to 140 degrees.

In a nutshell, anytime the air temperature rises to 92 degrees, this is when you need to take heed. The best bet is to walk the pups before 11AM and after 4PM, use booties, an ointment can toughen up their pads, and of course walking in the grass, especially under the shade, is best.

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