You know you’re special if your school dedicates an entire day to you, with signs in the hall, and every student wearing your favorite color (blue). That’s what happened at Snow Hill Elementary, where Hanna Barrott got the star treatment, and students pitched in to raise awareness of a rare skin disorder.

Eight-year-old Hanna is just like every other kid, and her friends are the first to tell you. She loves playing with her friends and her two brothers. 

Her parents say strangers often notice her skin is different. It grows several times faster than normal, limiting her ability to perspire.  It’s a genetic condition called Ichthyosis, and they’re glad to answer questions, and raise awareness.

Snow Hill and Hamilton County school officials make sure the temperature in her classroom doesn’t exceed 75 degrees, and she wears special clothing when she plays. Second grade teacher Mallory Scott is part of a school community that supports Hanna and makes sure she’s comfortable.

Hanna and her family are thankful for a school environment that allows her to enjoy learning and playing with her classmates, with no worries. 

The Barrott family has designed a special t-shirt to raise funds for the Ichthyosis Foundation. If you would like to buy a shirt or make a donation, 100% of the proceeds will go towards funding for a cure, for Hanna and all others affected with Ichthyosis. 

Click here to get your t-shirt or make a donation.