Rock City and Hamilton County Schools are partnering up to offering a new venue for students to experience possible career choices. 

The See Rock City Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Management is now a part of The Howard School curriculum offering students a chance to explore and experience careers in the hospitality and tourism fields. 

While other institutes are already in place, this is the first hospitality and tourism management program in the district. Through Future Ready Institutes, teachers of all content areas including core classes work closely with the career theme teacher to provide classroom instruction through the lens of a career. The goal is for students to clearly understand why a lesson is important and how to use the information in the future. 

See Rock City Inc. President and CEO Susan Harris said it's a five-year investment of $250,000.

"We really know that like the two most important jobs that a person has are their first job and their career job and hospitality and tourism offer both of those things," Harris said. 

This commitment by See Rock City includes not only a financial contribution but also field trips, job shadowing, faculty touring, advisory roles and preferential part-time job availability for the students. 

Executive Principal Dr. LeAndrea Ware said it's an opportunity to prepare students for the future. 

"With this type of partnership, we can get our students those certifications where they are ready in different industries and have a step ahead of some the other people at that entry level," Ware said. 

According to the U.S. Travel Association, travel industry jobs lead to higher wages in comparison to those whose first jobs were in manufacturing, health care, and most other industries.