The City of LaFayette is now the newest user of Walker County’s SirenGPS notification system, which allows emergency crews to send emergency alerts to the public through an app push.

Officials with the Walker County Emergency Management say the app helps send alerts in a matter of seconds, keeping everyone in Walker County informed and prepared.

“So many different forms of communication, and so many different distractions out there that people have in their lives, this is another way for us to communicate with them and try to let them know what is actually happening in their community,” Walker County spokesperson Joe Legge said.

Legge says when it comes to severe weather, timing is everything.

“And when you are dealing with a severe weather situation, obviously, seconds count,” Legge said.

SirenGPS will replace the hyper-tech notification system they've used in recent years.

Legge says the app can do more than send severe weather alerts, it can let people know about other emergency situations and events. 

"Actually, if we had a SWAT situation, or if there is an incident at a school, we could use the app in a situation like that,” Legge said.

Legge says Walker County is the first agency in Georgia to adopt the app, and believes they can be an example for all first responders in the state.

"For Walker County to be set up as an example for the rest of Georgia, that they would look to us as the leaders, or more as cutting edge, in this regard and others,” Legge said.

The app is free for all smartphones.

LaFayette residents are urged to download the free SirenGPS app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices