Following the death of Brady Gaulke related to a dockless scooter accident, the Nashville Fire Department has released some information about them.

For the first four months of 2019, Nashville Fire reports they've transported 74 people for scooter-related injuries. April has been the busiest month this year so far, with 43 injuries requiring transportation to medical facilities.

In January a dozen scooter riders were transported; February had 4, and 15 people were transported in March.

These numbers only reflect injuries that required the person be transported for medical attention, and not the total number of accident calls they've received for scooter accidents.

Metro PD reminds everyone that operators of scooters are required t follow laws that apply to bicycles being operated on the roads. More pointedly, police advise scooter operators they are not to be ridden on sidewalks within a business district, where buildings within six hundred feet of the street or roadway that are in use for public or commercial purposes.

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