A Chattanooga police officer continues to recover after being accidentally shot while dealing with an aggressive dog.

It all unfolded in the area of 2600 Glass Street on Saturday.

Witnesses called police reporting an aggressive dog, saying it was being aggressive to people on the street and tried to attack a little girl.

Police said when an officer arrived, they found the dog unattended and tried to get it under control but then the dog tried attacking the officer.

In response the officer shot the dog, killing it.

Police said the bullet traveled through the dog's body and then struck the officer.

Now, an internal affairs investigation is open surrounding the incident.

A spokesperson for the Chattanooga Police Department said anytime an officer's weapon is fired, there is always an internal affairs investigation into what happened.

The officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay.

Channel 3 requested more information and is waiting for those files to come back.