Chattanooga police believe a shooter on Ardis Lane was acting in self-defense.  They say 25-year-old Cameron Denton shot and killed two people in a home Saturday night.

27-year-old Kirtus Thompson and 57-year-old Douglas Patterson were the shooting victims from the Ardis Lane shooting.

One man was pronounced dead on the scene, and the other was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Attorney John Cavett says the self-defense law is broad.

“Someone unlawfully enters one of those places like breaks in, or something when they're not supposed to be there,” said John Cavett. “Then, the person is entitled to use force to protect themselves, family members, or people that are there as guests.”

Cavett says self-defense covers someone's home, vehicle, or business.  If the owner feels threatened, then action can be taken.

“The kind of force that can cause serious bodily injury or death,” said Cavett. “Then, you are allowed to resist with the same degree of force.”

Officers talked with Hamilton County District Attorney's Office about this case, and they decided not to press charges on the shooter.

“If they see that the defense is there, and it looks like it's strong, they don't have to go to a jury,” said Cavett.

Carvett says Stand Your Ground Laws are becoming more acceptable, and that's causing self-defense laws to expand.

“Under the law that stands now, it is a complete defense to the homeowner,” said Cavett. “Otherwise, it would be a homicide or real horrible assault.”

It's not clear what the relationship is between the victims and the homeowner or if there's any connection.