UPDATE: Here are the top 15 results for the 2019 EMS WEEK BASS TOURNAMENT:

1st Place:   Jamie Willis and Chris Coffey :                  22.29 pounds

2nd Place:    Robert Stevenson and Jim Bullman:       16.09 pounds

3rd Place:    James Burkhart and Tyler Ezell:              15.40 pounds

4th Place:    Brett Taylor and Chris Mason:                 14.88 pounds

5th Place:    Dan Broom and Terry Cater:                   14.77 pounds

6th Place:    Matt Moore and Jake Akin:                     14.52 pounds

7th Place:    Michelle Travis and James Campbell:       13.89 pounds

8th Place:    Josh Lewey and Kyle Duggan:                13.71 pounds

9th Place:    Chad Regal and Amber Regal:               13.29 pounds

10th Place:   David Ashley and Phil Shinholser:          13.06 pounds

11th Place:   Anthony Nash and Matt Stanley:            12.65 pounds

12th Place:   Justin Dexter and Matt Jenkins:             12.21 pounds

13th Place:   Ken Hartman and Chad Hartman:         12.17 pounds

14th Place:   Kevin Gibecke and Read Walden:          11.96 pounds

15th Place:   Ben Bradley and Nick Pratt:                    11.86 pounds

ORIGINAL STORY: More than a hundred first responders spent their day fishing on Lake Chickamauga Monday for the 8th Annual Bass Fishing Tournament in Hixson. 

It's part of National EMS Week, which honors EMS practitioners and the work they do for communities. 

For Ken Bingham with the Dallas Bay Fire Department, it's a unique opportunity for first responders to come together in a positive way. 

"We see a lot of stuff in the public and a lot of things go on, and this is a way for us to come out and relax," Bingham said. 

He considers this tournament an "off day." 

However, even on an off day, these first responders are helping the community.

Amy Maxwell, public information officer for Hamilton County EMS, said the tournament raises money for two paramedic scholarships for students as well as the local charity, The Forgotten Child Fund. 

"Since we've been doing this since 2011, we've put 14 people through college," Maxwell said. "This kind of helps take off the stress of those students who don't have the money to pursue a career in emergency medicine so we are able to provide for them."

The event has helped students like Mary Anderson, who won the scholarship raised at last year's fishing tournament. 

She said the scholarship gave her the opportunity to attend medic school at Cleveland State in the Fall. 

"It kind of provided me the ability to focus more on school instead of worrying about financial difficulties I may be having because of all the clinicals and classwork I have to do," Anderson said.