Well, the Tennessee heat sure has arrived, and it appears to be staying. No cold fronts are in sight over the next 7 days, as a dome of high pressure aloft looks to park itself over the southeast at least through Sunday. 

Each day appears to be hotter and hotter as the week progresses.

Temperatures today will reach near 87-88. The average high for May 20th is 81, and the average low is 59. Night time lows will also be 5-10 degrees above normal all week. Thursday through Saturday brings isolated shower chances during the day, and mainly limited to those on the plateaus with only a 10% chance of rain. We'll be flirting with the record highs starting Thursday. If this dome of high pressure continues to remain stagnant next week, it's likely we'll break a few record highs the last few days of May!


  • 12PM: Mostly Sunny, 80
  • 3PM: Mostly Sunny and hot, 87
  • 6PM: Mostly Sunny and hot, 85